Child Custody

Child Custody in MN

Child support and child custody issues often create the most emotional stresses in any divorce.  At the heart of it all, of course, are the children who are innocent victims.  Parents want what is best for their children, but there are also important financial considerations involved for each of the parents.  Minnesota has long had child support guidelines that apply to assist in determination of child support obligations.  In recent years, the Minnesota Legislature has made major changes in those guidelines.  Consultation with an experienced Family Law attorney is necessary to determine just when and how those guidelines will apply to child support determinations.
At Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A., our child custody attorneys are experienced in helping clients reach acceptable resolutions in child custody disputes.  We exclusively practice Minnesota family law and have considerable experience in how the courts will apply the child custody and child support laws in our state.  When mediation or other efforts at amicable and fair resolution of these issues do not work, we are committed to effectively pursuing our clients’ rights in the court process, always keeping the child’s best interests in mind.
If you know that you will have a contentious child custody dispute during your pending divorce, contact Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A., the child custody attorneys of Rochester, Minnesota.  We will help you through this emotional situation, and help you make decisions with the child’s best interests at heart.  Our family attorneys and staff members are recognized throughout Southeastern Minnesota for working tirelessly and effectively on our clients' behalf, but can also be counted on for candid and experienced advice in divorce and other Family Law matters involving children.

  • Child custody mediation
  • Legal and physical custody filing  
  • Non-custodial parenting time rights
  • Custody and parenting time modifications 
  • Child custody appeals
  • Custody reversal litigation 
  • Grandparents’ rights 
  • Third party rights

  • Child support calculations    
  • Child support modifications 
  • Cost of living adjustments   
  • Medical insurance and expenses      
  • Sharing child care expenses  
  • Social security support benefits  
  • Determination of Self-employed income  
  • Child support appeals

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