Property Division

Property Distribution and Division

Reaching an equitable distribution of marital and nonmarital property during a divorce is often emotional and the subject of major dispute. If the couple has been married for several years, there is likely to be a house, stocks, business investments, trusts, retirement assets, and even vacation homes and time-shares to sort out. If the marriage has been of a short duration, there are often non-marital property division disputes at issue. There may also be questions or problems even where the parties have signed a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement.

At the Rochester, Minnesota, divorce and family law offices of Dittrich, & Lawrence, P.A. , we believe in helping our client to achieve an amicable and fair settlement.  Such an agreement might be reached through discussions between the parties, formal mediation sessions, or informal negotiations between attorneys - or some combination of those methods.  If mediation or other negotiation does not result in an acceptable settlement, we make sure that our clients’ best interests are properly and effectively presented to the court at hearings.or trials.

Contact a Rochester, Minnesota, marital property division attorney at Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A. to discuss your divorce and property division matters.

Dividing Marital Property and Finances

  • Real Estate
  • Business Valuation 
  • Uncovering Hidden Assets
  • Marital Debt Obligations
  • Closely Held Businesses
  • Mayo Clinic Pension Benefits
  • IBM Pension Benefits
  • Nonmarital Property
  • Military Retirement Benefits
  • Prenuptial Agreement Disputes
  • Retirement Accounts, Pensions, Stocks

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