Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance

The Rochester, Minnesota, divorce attorneys at our firm, Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A., deal daily with clients who come to us about their pending or possible future divorce proceedings and who are concerned about spousal maintenance or alimony issues associated with the breakup of their marriage.  As income, education, and employment opportunities have changed, spousal maintenance has become much more complicated and important in divorce litigation than it was, even twenty years ago.  For couples who have been married a number of years, in marriages where one spouse primarily provided the income for the household, spousal maintenance (alimony) will likely be an important issue.
Minnesota family law regarding spousal maintenance is complex and courts must take into account many factors when making decisions regarding the amount and duration of such family support payments.  Some of the components of this decision include the relative earning capacities of each of the parties, economic hardship to each party, distribution of marital and nonmarital property, retirement needs and aspirations, the respective tax consequences to each party, and the appropriate duration of payments.

If you are searching for an experienced divorce lawyer who understands how alimony and spousal maintenance laws work in Minnesota, contact the Rochester, Minnesota, spousal maintenance attorneys of Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A.. We will help you understand Minnesota spousal support laws and how they will impact your divorce proceedings.

We have represented clients on both sides of spousal maintenance issues and can guide you through these issues.
  • Spousal Maintenance Waivers
  • Spousal Support Disputes
  • "Karon" Clauses
  • Financial Changes of Circumstances
  • Impact of Property Division
  • Cost of Living Adjustments
  • Self-employed Income Determination
  • Retirement of Payor or Payee
  • Funds to Retrain or Complete Education
  • Modification of the Judgment and Decree
  • Duration of Payments
  • Impact of Cohabitation or Remarriage
  • Disabilities
  • Permanent vs. Temporary Maintenance

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